HVAC maintenance service.

Owning, or even sometimes renting, a home in Mount Vernon, TX, requires general maintenance to keep your investment in working order. It’s really all about being prepared. Per Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Maintaining your home’s systems and appliances wards off emergency situations and costly repairs while extending your equipment’s life. Take the time and money to perform general maintenance on a regular basis. Many of the maintenance services require the knowledge, skills, and tools of a professional.

During the maintenance or service call, our technician will make any necessary repairs and/or alert you of a possible situation. Call Jon Wayne Company to assist you in maintaining any of the following or to answer any questions you may have:

Furnace Maintenance

We highly recommend an annual service tune-up and cleaning for your furnace. Typically the optimum time of year to perform the maintenance is the fall, before you fire up your furnace for the cold weather. The purpose of the service tune-up is to keep your system running at top efficiency throughout the season, so you have heat whenever you need it.

Our experienced technician will clean and check all the connections, controls, sensors, drains, motors, ducts, valves, and blowers, as well as your ignition assembly, thermostat(s), and smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors. Following your tune-up, our technician will instruct you on anything you could do yourself as maintenance between our service visits.

One absolute action you can take is to change your furnace filter with the correct replacement every three months, or as needed. This goes a long way in extending the life of your furnace, as well as keeping your furnace repairs to a minimum and your indoor air quality high.

Dehumidifier Maintenance

Your dehumidifier is a critical piece in a larger puzzle for controlling your indoor air quality. After initial installation, the air filter should be checked and cleaned or replaced every six months. This will assure that you are achieving optimum air filtration across your dehumidifier. Along with filter service, your dehumidifier drain should be checked to assure that the drain is open and flowing properly.

These services can be combined along with your total system maintenance, and included in any maintenance agreement you may have with your service company. It is also good to check your humidity settings to verify that you are operating within recommended humidity setpoint guidelines for optimal performance and efficiency.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

For air conditioners, an annual service tune-up and cleaning is recommended, usually performed in the spring. Our professional technician will check and clean the connections, coils, blower components, lines, refrigerant, drain, fuses, and thermostat(s), as well as lubricate all working parts.

Maintenance you can do yourself between service visits is to remove any yard debris or vegetation from the top and sides of your outdoor air conditioner unit, as well as to keep it covered with an air conditioner cover or tarp in the winter.

Heat Pump Maintenance

For heat pumps, an annual service tune-up and cleaning is recommended, usually performed in the fall, same as furnaces and boilers. Our professional technician will check and clean ducts, filters, blower, indoor coil, ducts, refrigerant, electric terminals, connections, motors, and belts, as well as lubricate all working parts.

Be sure to change or clean the filter every three months or as needed. You can also clean the outdoor coils whenever they seem dirty, and keep yard debris and vegetation away from the unit.

Whole-House Humidifier Maintenance

For whole-house humidifiers, an annual service tune-up and cleaning is recommended, usually performed at the same time as your furnace tune-up and cleaning. Our professionals include this maintenance along with the furnace appointment.

Typically there isn’t much in the way of maintenance; however, our technician will change your humidifier pad and clean any mineral buildup you may have (in the case of hard water). Ask our technician to show you how to dissolve the buildup on your own every few months to keep your humidifier working at top efficiency.

Air Filtration System Maintenance

For air filtration systems, regular maintenance is something your can perform on your own. Maintenance on an air filtration system usually just means changing or cleaning the filter every three to nine months. But you should check with the manufacturer’s specific recommendations.

Changing or cleaning your filter on a regular basis will ensure the best filtration for your home as well as extend the life of the system. If you need any assistance or would like to install an air filtration system, feel free to talk with one of our professionals at Jon Wayne Company.

At Jon Wayne Company, we’re here to to assist you in maintaining your home’s systems or to answer any of your questions about maintenance. Keeping your equipment in good working order allows you peace of mind to know they’ll be there when you need them.

It also makes good financial sense to keep equipment serviced to help extend their life spans. Here in Mount Vernon, TX, call us at (903) 537-4531 to make an appointment now.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Winnsboro, TX 75494

“I had just put in a new capacitor a week ago and our side of the house was not getting cold. I have an older American Standard unit for our Master BR side of the house and a bit panicked about Labor Day weekend coming up. Called Jon Wayne at 9 am and they had Justin out by 11 am and it was low on freon! Even the expense of R22 could not express how pleased I was with their response so I can plan on a cool weekend with the family!! Highly recommend these guys and I just met them. Will use from now going forward! Thanks Justin and Jon Wayne Company!”
- Tom G.

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“I have used their service because of their professionalism and generosity to me personally. I work at Lowe's in Monett, and because of their urgency to please the customer, they have accommodated me with discounts and amazing service. I called them recently to do work at my home because I feel I actuall owe them my respect for their dedication to my needs. I trust them and will only use them for my HVAC needs. I also want to thank the technician that came out today, 1-28-21 for his service to me. His name is Bradley Hammer. Very professional! Thank you Bradly.”

- Tom L.

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